The Bio of Slater Joel

“Slater Joel” Johnson, a native of Chesapeake, Virginia, has gained recognition within the United States and internationally as a gospel recording artist. Slater was raised in a spiritual household by his father, who is a pastor, and his mother, who was an educator. He attended a private school, owned and operated by his mother, from pre-school through 4th grade. His love of music began at an early age as his parents played gospel music quartets including The Mighty Clouds of Joy. Although he was not allowed to listen to certain genres of music, Slater would sneak away and listen to none other than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. At age 9, Slater’s mom noticed a deformity in his leg. As time progressed his limp worsened. Even with the concerns of his mother, Slater did not fully understand the severity of her discovery. It was not until he caught a glimpse of his reflection through a closed door at school; that 3-second glimpse started an insecurity that he would carry for many years. Slater was diagnosed with Blount’s Disease, a rare disease that causes one bone to deform preventing separation from the other. Three major surgeries left Slater with wood staples embedded within his leg. Doctors vowed that once he turned 25, the final surgery would correct his bone disorder. His dreams of entering the NFL were shattered; however, the shattering of his NFL dreams built his true purpose in life.  


Slater joined chorus in high school, not because he thought he could sing, but for an easy way to earn an 'A'. He had no idea that God was extending the 'A' and using it for the start of his anointed journey. During his junior year of high school, a stage-frightened, sweaty, and nervous Slater stood center stage, closed his eyes, and performed in front of 1300 people. When the song was finished, he opened his eyes, and the crowded building was full of people standing on their feet clapping, screaming, worshipping, and cheering. That was the moment when Slater truly realized his gift of music. Still insecure and searching for his self-esteem, he began taking pieces from every musician that ever inspired him in an attempt to form who he thought he would be. At age 25, Slater opted out of the surgery that could have possibly healed his leg. It was not out of fear, it was attributed to God healing his heart, healing his faith, and strengthening his walk with Him. When Slater truly started walking into his purpose his leg may have been crooked, but his walk was finally straight. He no longer felt the need or desire to be like anyone other than himself.  


In 2014, the passing of Slater’s mother took his highs and turned them into the lowest points of his life. Depression struck and left him without a will to live. The pain of losing his biggest inspiration had him angry with the world and angry with God. After three years of walking in the darkest moments of his life, he used his music to heal his broken heart. Slater poured his emotions into a song entitled “Unleash Me.” From that moment, the restraints were lifted and the chains around his mind and heart were broken. Slater continues to command the stage, and his anointing permeates throughout every performance. He has toured in Europe with Michael M. Smith, and served on the same programs with various artists such as: Peggy Britt, Marvin Sapp, Vernon Gordon, Pastor Norman Hutchins, Deon Kipping, and J.J. Hairston. Slater was also featured on the live recording Bishop Kim Brown presents Earl Bynum and The Mount Unity Choir. That performance won the 2014 Stellar Award for Contemporary Choir of the Year. He realizes that singing is his gift; but his purpose is to glorify God, and to bless someone in the process. In December of 2017 Slater signed a recording contract with GnextLife. GnextLife is a newly formed brand/record company in Virginia headed by Mike E., a former member of the Neptunes and Teddy Riley protégé. Slater’s debut album entitled Slater-Unleashed is scheduled for release in 2019!